Brothers and Sisters strips down Center Parcs to the ‘bear necessities’ of modern life

Center Parcs is going in for a dash of repositioning, pitching itself as the place where families can come together instead of living in side-by-side isolation, plugged in to their various devices (they don’t work in Center Parcs).

So agency Brothers and Sisters has imagined a family of bears bonding on vacation, with the help of painstaking post production from Electric Theatre Collective and a group of actors who spent weeks running around being bears.

B&S CEO Matt Charlton says: “We all spend too much time sitting with our families, in the same room, on different screens. Physically in the same place but mentally we are all apart. Modern life pulls family time apart and incredibly Centre Parcs is designed to pull family time back together. We can all see our own lives through this launch campaign and the characters of the bears.”

Wonder if the bears will return?

MAA creative scale: 8.

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