Best ads of 2015: Droga5 for Under Armor, JWT New York for Wilkinson Sword

Under Armor is making big waves in the US and now the global sports market. One reason is agency Droga5, which found itself un-employed by Puma and was gratefully snapped up by UA.

It can’t be a coincidence that, since its deal with the WME Hollywood talent agency, D5’s ads feature an array of global stars. One such is model Gisele Bundchen and here she is going through her paces with a punchbag, accompanied by live social media comments (hastily edited, no doubt).

It won the Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes (whatever exactly that is) and shows the agency at its cocky, confident best.

Here’s some rather gratuitous sexy swordplay – ‘Foreplay meets Swordplay’ from JWT for Wilkinson Sword. Is it one of the best ads of 2015 though?

Given the schlock that rival Gillette produces – whichever agency is on the case – it stands up. Director Lieven Van Baelen deserves a shout too.

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