Deep Focus London shows you can do intelligent fashion in new Amazon Europe campaign

Amazon Fashion is launching a new online campaign – ‘I Wish I Could Wear’ – across Europe to encourage women to celebrate their differences.

The series of short films, by Deep Focus London (part of Engine) and directed by celebrated fashionista Rankin, feature albino model Ingrid, plus-size ‘activist’ Ana and fashion blogger Marsha (aka London Tall Girl) with three women who have posted worries about their weight, height and skin colour on social media.

It all sounds terribly right-on and ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ serious….

But it isn’t, it’s highly intelligent fashion advertising (not something you see much of).

An award or three beckon, I think.

The copywriter was Ian Gambier and the art director Janelle Feliciano.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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