Ogilvy Paris unveils GPS safety campaign for Allianz

Insurer Allianz and agency Ogilvy Paris reckon seven out of ten drivers drive more carefully (even in France) if there’s a family member present. So they’ve launched the Allianz Family GPS which gives you your driving instructions via the voice of someone who sounds like a family member.

This could get out of hand of course: “did you remember to close the kitchen window? Your dîner’s in the cat.”

The GPS comes courtesy of Google-owned mobile network Waze. Drivers can download the Ogilvy-created Allianz voice packs and each one has a number of options: a spontaneous child, a caring and cheerful grandmother, a protective boyfriend and a rebellious and outgoing teenager.

Insurance advertising and marketing is usually boring in the extreme but Allianz and Ogilvy have livened up the whole sector in France with a number of ingenious wheezes.

Ogilvy Paris creative director Paul Kreitmann says: “We are constantly looking for new ways to communicate; especially, when dealing with such a strong issue like caution on the road for Allianz. In this campaign, GPS became the perfect medium.”

MAA creative scale: 9.

Quite a lot of MAA 9’s recently. Brothers and Sisters still leads the field with its 9.25 for Sky’s Thierry Henry ad. Will the cup be dashed from their lips before the year is out?

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