Leo Burnett turns on the style for Freeview Play launch

Overlooked this one, for some reason, the Freeview Play launch from Leo Burnett.

Freeview Play offers things like on-demand and catch-up TV, usually associated with pay-TV services like Sky and Virgin (Grrr..).

The point being that those of us who pay for these things are muppet-like lemmimgs, so free yourself from this nonsense with Freeview Play.

Freeview managing director Guy North says: “Freeview Play is the biggest development in the brand’s history and our new advert perfectly illustrates that with it viewers are now free to choose the TV service that best meets their needs.”

Head of marketing Owen Jenkinson says: “Set Yourself Free is really an emancipation story. The aim of the advert is to challenge category norms and show that there is a better, savvier way to watch free TV in a visually striking and compelling narrative.”

Actually really savvy young things hack into pay-TV channels via their computers so they can watch, for example, Premier League football matches on Saturday afternoons which are broadcast live overseas. This is far too complex for me, alas.

The real reason Sky etc have their sticky fingers around our wallets is their exclusive content, but never mind. This makes an excellent case for Freeview although it needs one or two viewings. Does Freeview (owned by a gaggle of TV companies) pay for some/all of its airtime?

Good though. Outstanding? Not quite – but pleasingly ambitious. So:

MAA creative scale: 8.

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