Jung von Matt’s new Mercedes campaign provides an object lesson for car advertisers

It’s not the easiest time to be a German carmaker but Mercedes presses confidently on, this time with a new campaign from Jung von Matt/Alster showing off its PLUS brake assist system that (it claims) stops you crashing.

Well that’s certainly a benefit and the agency eschews high speed this and that by showing kids trying and failing to crash their toy cars (kitted out with sort of reverse magnets).

With Jung von Matt there’s usually some serious thinking as well as a light touch.

Impeccable. MAA creative scale: 9.


  1. OK Stephen, look at it again and tell me the story could not have been told, just as effectively, in half the time.
    And OK, maybe I’m being a bit hard on the Krauts but I do know a bit about Mercedes-Benz advertising and I do know “charming” works better.



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