Greenpeace launches new ‘brand attack’ on Volkswagen

As if Volkswagen didn’t have enough on its plate, eco warriors Greenpeace are launching a Halloween campaign ‘Trick. No Treat’ targeting the German carmaker over its use of defeat devices to chart emissions testing.

Greenpeace campaigner Areeba Hamid says: “This advert is the opening shot in a new push against toxic air pollution. A few years ago we built a massive campaign to get VW to commit to lower vehicle emissions. They caved and agreed to support our demands. But what they did next is beyond the pale. They deliberately deceived us all by installing defeat devices in their cars. They knowingly put peoples’ health at risk. That made them the first target of our campaign, and we want a bit more than an apology.”


Greenpeace claims its self-styled ‘brand attacks’ have forced change at companies including including Lego, Shell, KitKat, Barbie and McDonald’s.

Time for VW to re-enter the advertising fray, methinks.

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