Droga5 wins Unilever Impulse relaunch

Droga5 in London has finally won what looks like a real account, courtesy of good old Unilever.

The agency has picked up the global relaunch of Impulse. Impulse, aimed at women, claimed to be the world’s first ‘perfume deodorant’ back in the 1970s.

Droga5 pitched against incumbent Ponce in Argentina and Ogilvy offshoot David. As with all these things it’s probably a matter of how much Unilever decides to invest in Impulse. If this was a whopper then you would probably have seen Ogilvy rather than David on the list.

imagesEugenia Zalis, Unilever global brand vice-president Eugenia Zalis (left) says: “It’s an honour to partner with such a prestigious creative agency such as Droga5 in our quest to have millennials fall in love with Impulse again (steady on Eugenia).

“The brand is undergoing an exciting new global relaunch and we are confident that we have now found the ideal partner to help us communicate this to girls all over the world.”

But we mustn’t damn with faint praise. Unilever is Unilever and London could do with a new creative contender.

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