W+K Amsterdam paints a smiling face on new FIFA game

EA Sports is launching yet another new football game, FIFA 16, and has enlisted Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam to do the honours.

It includes all the usual quick-cutting footballers including the inevitable director’s nightmare: how do you animate Lionel Messi?

The theme is ‘Play Beautiful,’ apparently an “ode to the beautiful game.” Is this why the 2022 World Cup is going to Qatar? And, indeed, the 2018 one to that temple of democracy Russia.

Has FIFA’s brand slipped in gamers’ imaginations since we’ve learned what a bunch of slimy crooks they are?

But one thing you can’t accuse football of is a shortage of cash and W+K Amsterdam has spent it wisely here. It’s even managed to introduce a welcome bit of humour.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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