Ridley Scott’s The Martian provides a space vehicle for…Albert Bartlett potatoes

Why on earth is Albert Bartlett potatoes tying up with Ridley’s Scott’s forthcoming blockbuster The Martian? It’s not the most obvious brand connection after all.

But The Martian stars Matt Damon as an astronaut stranded on Mars and struggling to survive and get home (in best gritty Bourne style). And one of the ways he survives is by growing….

So there’s an ad campaign by Holmes Hobbs Marcantonio (who seem to have embarked on their own quest to bring back typography) and a competition offering a trip to Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The-Martian press ad FINAL

Here’s the trailer.

Looks good. And a neat idea by Albert Bartlett and execution by the agency.

MAA creative scale (for both parties): 8.

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