Johnny Depp gets lost in the desert for Dior Sauvage

Indebted to Wieden+Kennedy’s excellent blog for this one – Johnny Depp preening in a desert somewhere for Dior Sauvage.

Johnny, there’s a wolf on the car! (Must be that rare creature, a desert wolf).

Why do they do it? Surely these Hollywood A-Listers have enough dosh. Suppose it takes less time than filming another crappy Pirates of the Caribbean sequel.

W+K also references Brad Pitt’s unforgettably awful appearance for Chanel .

Dior isn’t even original despite employing the services of celebrated director Jean Baptiste Mondino. Dior says he’s celebrated anyway.

It’s more than a little reminiscent of Matthew McConaughey’s much pilloried desert foray for Ford’s Lincoln, although he encountered a bull.

MAA creative scale: 1. (Nice music, by Ry Cooder although it doesn’t sound like him).

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  1. You are out of your mind. It’s an amazing ad. And Pirates of the Caribbean sequels are not crappy at all.

  2. More of the usual fragrance semi-mystical bollocks, replete with overpaid star talent.
    Bet the client loves it.