Drayson Technologies picks five agencies for CleanSpace air quality drive

drayson460Lord Paul Drayson (left) was the minister for science and innovation in the Blair/Brown Labour governments and now runs Drayson Technologies. His company is launching a new initiative CleanSpace which it describes as a “technology enabled movement for better air quality.”

Well we can all drink to that, central London has such high levels of carbon dioxide (all those diesel buses and taxis) that soon it won’t just be Chinese and Japanese tourists going around in face masks. The technology seems to be the launch of a free app (now there’s a surprise) which tells people how much smog they’re inhaling and rewards those who walk, run or cycle. Not sure with what, a longer life maybe. Oh, vouchers.

Drayson has appointed five agencies to get things underway: Fearlessly Frank for “innovation and content,” MRM Meteorite for creative, Eulogy for strategic communications (PR to you and me), Cherry London for brand partnerships and MC&C (a new one on me) for media planning.

It all sounds a bit of a performance but maybe his Lordship is used to dealing with committees thanks to his time in government.

Mustn’t mock though. No doubt they’ll all pull together in what seems to be a good cause.

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