Clare Styles of Brand Union picks her Desert Island Ads

Clare Styles is ECD of leading brand agency Brand Union. Among the clients she works on are Jaguar Land Rover, Vodafone and RBS. Prior to joining Brand Union she founded and ran independent design studio He Said – She Said.

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Desert Island Ads

Thinkbox: Harvey & Rabbit – friends for life

First on my list would have to be Thinkbox’s ‘Harvey and Rabbit’. It shows the beautiful relationship between Harvey the dog and the rabbit, and Harvey and his owner. Made richer by the way it’s positioned creatively….and the music. Charming, funny and quirky.


Boddingtons: The cream of Manchester

For me, the oldies are always the best. This is a simple idea, but one that’s perfectly executed, to make something truly memorable and unashamedly Mancunian.


Southern Comfort: Whatever’s comfortable

A man in Speedos…what more could you need? Southern Comfort have reasserted their place in the market. The ‘Whatever’s Comfortable’ campaign, was the brand at its best, resulting in an iconic ad.


John Lewis: The bear & the hare

A personal ‘must have’ on anybody’s ‘Best ads’ list. John Lewis evokes the true spirit of the Christmas ad, perfectly blending childhood nostalgia and festive cheer into this classic ad, which can’t help but melt your heart.


Hamlet Cigars: Photo Booth

This ad is sheer brilliance from the bygone age of tobacco advertising and was named one of the top 10 funniest adverts of all-time back. For PC reasons this probably shouldn’t be on the list, but for me, it can’t not be…


Cinzano: Leonard Rossiter & Joan Collins

One for those with a childish sense of humour (like me). These Cinzano ads ran from 1978-1983 and always ended with Joan Collins having a glass of Cinzano poured down her; slapstick humor at its best!


Guinness: Surfer

Still rated one of the best ads of all time and one of my personal favourites. The surfers waiting to catch a wave, with the Guinness strapline ‘good things come to those who wait’, is a fantastic way of bringing the real-world experience of drinking Guinness and waiting for the pint to settle, into the ad. A seamless blend of creativity and messaging. The execution was and still is staggering to watch.


John West Tuna: Bear Fight
Turning the world on its head. A classic that led to John West winning many ‘Best Commercial of The Year’ awards. It makes me smile every time.


Yellow Pages: Bike
This advert by the Yellow Pages is pure nostalgia at its very best.


Aldi: All your Favourite Prices
A clever and funny way for Aldi to subtly compare its own products to the price of other brands, this advert is a great compilation. My favourite being ‘I like gin.’

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