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WPP’s Sorrell embarks on one-man media crusade

WPP, along with Publicis Groupe, has the most to lose (and, in its case, win) from the current round of global media reviews and Agency Spy has an interesting piece saying that WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell has been doing his best to attend these pitches, turning up to GSK (which WPP’s MediaCom won most of), Volkswagen and the first round of P&G’s North America pitch.

He couldn’t make it to the Coca-Cola pitch, held in Atlanta, but sent a video featuring himself. The link to this intriguing communication, alas, no longer functions on Agency Spy – drat!

images-1However, fast forward to Business Insider and you can see a gif (I think that’s what they’re called) of SMS pitching away, armed with a personalised ‘Sir Martin’ can of Coke.

Which bit of Coke – creative, media or digital – this was for we know not. But Business Insider also tells us he wheeled out something called the WPP “i-Marketing Technology Alliance,” in best ‘Math Men’ style. It didn’t work for media (which went to IPG’s UM). Is Coke digital up for review?

And WTF is a i-Marketing Technology Alliance?

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  1. Of course it had to be “Sir Martin.” Reminds me of the video of Branson going ape shit with a hotel employee in New York, cos she had referred to him as “Mr. Branson.” It was New York for fucks sake. I can’t find it after extensive searches… Perhaps “Sir Richard” put the videographer in the Tower. Anyone any clues?

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