Premier Estates lady invites us to #TasteTheBush

Premier Estates seems to be a UK-based wine wholesaler which flogs wine from around the world and it’s currently punting a cheapo Australian shiraz.

Well why not? But its online campaign (can’t see this running on the X Factor but you never know, Clearcast would probably pass it) takes us a bridge too far with this rather fetching actress’s invitation to ‘taste the bush.”

You might have got away with it if the invitation was to taste the vine but that, alas, doesn’t adequately describe the suggested delights on offer.

From something called Saatchi Masius, a dark corner of the Saatchi & Saatchi empire. Masius used to be a big UK agency, best known for advertising Babycham champagne perry in the days of black and white TV. Would be surprised if the strategy was the same.

It’ll get noticed di-dah-di-dah (as, indeed, we have).

Feel rather sorry for her actually. She may be known forever as the cunnilngus queen of ads.

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