Amazon Prime states its ‘next day’ case with some typical Joint understatement

Amazon Prime, with its wide range of goodies, including TV, and next day delivery (not for TV) is causing quite a stir. How big it eventually becomes probably depends on Amazon’s ability to keep the price down. And, maybe, whether its drones can carpet bomb the world’s online shoppers.

Agency Joint, a breakaway from RKCR/Y&R (which seems to specialise in them, much to the ire of its owner) is making quite a reputation for itself with some agreeably understated work. Its big client TSB (itself a breakaway from Lloyds, sort of) benefited from a clever launch campaign which, amazingly for a bank, majored on an attractive, clearly expressed offer.

So here it is with Amazon Prime.

Another attractive, clearly expressed offer!

MAA creative scale: 8.

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