Gocompare’s Gio Compario makes ‘triumphant’ return

More on the price comparison ad front: we’ve just had a new ‘epic’ effort from Moneysupermarket and now Gocompare has returned to the fray, with the reappearance of long-serving Welsh tenor Gio Compario.

Gio, along with creators Chris Wilkins and Sian Vickers was pensioned off a while ago when the account moved to Fold7. Fold took us on various tours of Wales (home to Gocompare) but the campaign rarely sparked (not surprising really given its strange premise).

So Gio is back to greet his legions of admiring fans.

Hmm. You often get the impression with these that the ad celeb has already overstayed their welcome. But I guess they had to refer to his absence and reappearance somehow. Doubtless there’ll be lots of new ads before too long.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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