Carlsberg’s ‘kickabout’ sets off in pursuit of ‘pub team’

More football and the UK season hasn’t even started yet.

This time it’s Carlsberg with ‘If Carlsberg did kickabouts..’ from 72andSunny Amsterdam.

As you might expect, there’s everything including the kitchen sink going here. Sky’s Jeff Stelling makes an appearance, there’s a truly magic sponge and goal line technology.

There’s also a bloke throwing the ball back when it goes out of play that you’re expected to recognise. Apparently it’s former Manchester United custodian (weren’t they called that once?) Pete Schmeichel.

It’s all good fun and at least there are no Premier League poseurs in there as far as I can see (keeps the budget down).

MAA creative scale: 7.

Still waiting for something as good as this ‘Pub Team’ ad though.

Keep trying chaps.

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