Are Mourinho’s moods in the BT Sport script?

BT Sport is running a rather peculiar campaign through AMV BBDO, depicting the boys and girls from the agency/production company as plonkers.

We observed at the start of this (the first ad featured Ewan McGregor) that this was the sort of campaign that could outstay its welcome rather rapidly.

Here’s the latest, supposedly bigging up Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho who seems to be BT’s big new signing for its exclusive Champion’s League coverage next season. But surely Jose’s Chelsea will be involved until the later stages at least, so how does that work?

Mourinho looks none too pleased at the surprise in store for him. Was that in the script or the moody Portuguese wondering what he’s let himself in for?

Apparently Jose is already in trouble for appearing on a Sky Sports programme, counter to his deal with BT.

You can hear the screech of wheels coming off with this campaign already.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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