Chrysler’s Ram tells women ‘the courage is already inside’ – but it’s only a truck..

In the wonderful voyage of discovery that’s advertising there something new every day, year anyway. Some might say there’s one born every minute but we won’t go into that.

Recently adland has discovered women in all their glory; not discussing domestic aids in the kitchen or looking fragrant and girly (that’s so Mad Men) but being like, well, men.

So Chrysler is launching a new campaign from The Richards Group for its Ram trucks, piloted by cowboys and (male) farmers mostly in recent years. But now seemingly aimed at women, realising they can discover ‘The Courage is Already Inside.’

Wonder who the lady with the bow and arrow is aiming at? And what’s Taylor Swift doing in there?

A couple of back The Richards Group made a great Super Bowl ad for Ram, ‘So God Made a Farmer.’

This one misses the target, alas.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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