Can new Publicis campaign for Gold Blend turn into another long-running winner?

Once upon a time Nescafe’s Gold Blend regaled us with the long-running romance between Sharon whats-her-name and Tony thingummyjig and a good time was had by all, chiefly Nestle.

Now we’re being told, by Publicis London, that ‘Golden Opportunities Await’ if we take time out from life’s hectic round to sample the murky brew. Via a clever-ish spin on storytelling.

Well it’s certainly different and a brave departure from the usual mix of roasting beans and happy clappy millenials taking selfies (don’t actually know if these appear in any coffee ad but they do in most).

Could be the basis of another big campaign.

MAA creative scale: 7 plus a half for ambition.

Here’s Sharon and Tone.

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