Adam&eve ECD Richard Brim: my top tips for Cannes

Richard-Brim-CreativeIn two week’s time Adland’s great and good-ish will descend upon the Cote D’Azur. The overpriced, oversized rose bottles have been shipped and the mother and daughter “ladies” have themselves two new leopard print kaftans (sizes m and xxxs). Everyone is locked and loaded. Now come the predictions.

Cannes is a strange beast to predict, every year there are the favourites and then there are the wild cards. Favourites are easy to spot, they storm every award show in the States and the UK. So much so that by the time Cannes comes around almost everybody is on autopilot in the judging rooms. Then there are the wild cards, the ideas that gain momentum over the week by chit chat on the Croisette and in the Palais and nobody sees them coming,. It’s these that are hard to predict.

My two favorites are Intermarche’s ‘Inglorious fruits’ and Always’ #likeagirl.

They are both stupidly simple and make me feel sick with jealousy. If I had to pick one, the fugly fruits would just pip (sorry for the pun) the girls to the post as I think it is one of those ideas that just had to happen for the planet’s sake.

Another favorite would probably be Honda’s ‘The Other Side.’ This is an idea that has been presented in every agency the world over, but this is its right home. Type R is elegant and appears effortless which is really difficult and I stand on my chair and salute.

As for the wildcards who knows… but here is my long list.

Sarah Silverman ‘Vagina tax’

Uncle Ben’s ‘Where’s the kitchen?’

Nazis against Nazis

NZ Transport Agency ‘Mistakes’

Geico ‘Unskippables’

ANZ ‘Gaytms’ ‘Between two ferns with Zack Galifanakis and Barack Obama’click on the link).

HBO GO ‘Awkward family viewing’

Under Armour ‘Gisele Bundchen- ‘Will beats noise’

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