Rothco and Daintree show how to make a political point – without shouting

So far the UK General Election campaign (polling day May 6) has failed to produce any advertising fireworks and it’s not very likely to with the main parties more careful to say what they’re not than what they are.

Ireland has a referendum on the legalisation of same sex marriage looming – on May 22 – and Dublin paper shop Daintree is entering the lists with independent Irish agency Rothco. Why? Well opponents of same sex marriage have been spreading lies via paper flyers, according to Daintree, including such gems as: “They [homosexuals] will contract cancers earlier in life.”

So Rothco and Daintree decided to gather these offending materials and recycle them into a new product called ‘Shred of Decency,’ confetti made, in their words, from “100 per cent recycled lies.”

Couldn’t be much better really. MAA creative scale: 8.

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