Lowe Cape Town shows you can be creative even when you’re selling boring old investment management

Investment management, not the ‘data investment management’ beloved of Sir Martin Sorrell but looking after people’s savings, is a pretty snoozeworthy ad category. Happy, smiley stock shots usually.

But Lowe Cape Town has produced something rather better for Prudential Investment Managers, illustrating why “consistency is the only currency that matters” thanks to the efforts of some locally-recruited Madagascan fishermen. Hope they received some currency in return.

Fine direction from 0307’s Kim Geldenhaus too.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

One Comment

  1. Nicely shot, music, prod values, cut through in the category & all that lovely stuff.
    How much does an investment manager earn, consistent or not; is it sufficient to put food on his family’s table. Reality??

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