Ben & Jerry’s spoofs Apple’s 1984 for BRRR-ito

Thanks to Adscam’s George Parker for this one, Ben & Jerry’s has launched its BRRR-ito ice cream in the US with the following ‘homage’ to Ridley Scott’s famous 1984 ad for Apple. Courtesy of agency Mekanism.

Here’s Rid’s effort for agency Chiat/Day.

Wonder if it would win at Cannes these days? Might do if it had one of these # and an ‘interactive online experience’ that took half an hour to load.

One Comment

  1. As I never fail to remind people… 1984 ran just once in the 1984 Super Bowl. Today, a BDA and its BDC would run the shit out of it on social media for months before and after the game, thereby destroying the surprise element that turned a single 60 sec TV spot into a marketing juggernaut. Can you imagine any agency having the balls to recommend this approach to a client today? As Zippy the Pin Head would say… “Naaaaah!

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