Anna Kendrick lights up #Missadventure for Kate Spade

Kate Spade is a fashion and accessories brand for Manhattan misses and a while ago it took the wise step of signing up American actress and singer Anna Kendrick to front its ‘#Missadventure’ series of ads.

The super-cute and sassy Kendrick, who appeared in one of Droga5’s ‘ads that didn’t make the Super Bowl’ series for Newcastle Brown last year, is clearly an adman’s delight. For some reason, possibly Ms Kendrick’s agent, this ad seems to have disappeared.

Here she is, mistaken for a ‘meditation instructor’ by Hollywood veteran Lilly Tomlin, in some swanky LA hotel.

She does it for me anyway. No idea if an agency was involved or not. MAA creative scale: 8.

Blimey, we’re dishing them out like confetti today.

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