Why Virgin Media is the world’s worst CRM company

NavySealCrop-20150313101247113We had a problem with our broadband connection today; not for the first time, courtesy of Virgin Media.

Anyway it was off (apologies to readers) so we rang them up. Usually if there’s a neighbourhood fault they say they’re fixing it, in about three days (they’re usually wrong about this, as about most other things, mercifully).

So we got through to a very nice guy in india who said, in effect, your router’s fucked. We’ll send you another one, in a day or two. Well fine, and it’s coming. Although, in the meantime, you have to go somewhere else to connect to the internet of course, by which time the aforementioned new router is sitting in an industrial park somewhere.

But now, strangely, enough, the service is back on. But the guy in India didn’t know this and Virgin effing Media in the UK (now owned by John Malone’s Liberty Media company) didn’t have the courtesy to let its customers, or this nice bloke in India, know.

The more such companies blather on about their customer service, the more you should distrust them. Ring up Virgin about a fault and you get a load of sales rubbish, 30 or so clicks before you arrive anywhere useful.

Virgin is currently running a lively campaign via BBH flogging its ‘bundles (above).’ BBH is famous for being straight about the offers it makes on behalf of its clients. Well you’re behind the eight-ball on this one guys.

Come on Virgin, shape up.

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