Tribal Worldwide puts some pizazz into VW’s new Passat

VW’s Passat has never quite had the marketing it deserves, probably because VW wants to pitch it below its more upscale (and expensive) Audis, aimed at menopausal executives.

But this new campaign from DDB’s Tribal Worldwide in London is more like it, for a new version that’s already picked up one ‘Car of the Year’ gong in Geneva.

Very good: MAA creative scale 7.


  1. Stephen. As much as I agree that Passat has been somewhat undermarketed in recent years, that wasn’t always the case. May I remind you of a time when a film for Passat was actually the most awarded examples of VW advertising. Thanks, in part to both Johnny Mezarios as client, Tony Kaye as director and I forget the names of the creatives responsible…

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