Nivea and Space invite customers to shower in public

More nudity, not Viceroy Creative’s elegant disrobing this time but shoppers at the UK’s Bullring, Birmingham and Bluewater, Kent – massive shopping centres both – who will be invited to take part in a “full-body brand intimacy” experience for Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser.

I-do-not-look-like-this-int-the-shower-928x1024By taking a shower in public. They’ll be kitted out with a swimsuit, flip–flops, shower caps, robe and towel – and given a £20 shopping voucher as a reward. Less brave punters can just wash their hands with the stuff.

David Atkinson, managing partner at agency Space, says: “Nivea has never been shy to demonstrate its products in the most dramatic of conditions. Asking people to have a shower in front of thousands of other shoppers is disruptive and engaging and this will capture attention and intrigue to get our message across. A brave brand experience for brave shoppers.”

Quite so. The promotion starts at the Bullring on March 12 and Bluewater on March 17.

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