Martin shows how to D-I-Y for Benjamin Moore paints

Suddenly the airwaves seem awash with ads for paint. Well it’s that time of year, I suppose, when people like me hide when a trup to B&Q or the garden centre is suggested.

Recently we had Dulux from BBH, exhorting us to turn into ‘colour rebels’ to defy the men in white coats determined on a colourless world.

Across the pond The Martin Agency is entering the lists for Benjamin Moore paints, upscale products that only sell through independent retailers.

But Martin is happy to deploy the men in white coats in the first phase of the campaign.

Moving to a more ‘human’ approach in the next bit of the campaign, plugging the retailers (you’ll have to look at this on Vimeo ‘cos it’s not out yet).

As usual from Martin, this is impeccable stuff. The first ad does a hell of a lot in 30 seconds, the retail ads win you over.

MAA creative scale: 8

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