Martin Agency unwraps more creative goodies for Oreo

Oreo is one of those products that seem to have a life of their own. Described as a ‘chocolate sandwich cookie’ (although the filling isn’t chocolate) it’s been selling by the bucketload since 1912.

Owner Mondelez International and The Martin Agency see their task as “retaining its authenticity while staying contemporary and relevant” and, to that end, launched the off-the-wall ‘Play With Oreo’ campaign in January.

This perky number featuring French electronic duo Yelle has over five million YouTube views to date. So that’s job done presumably.

Now, as part of the next phase of the campaign Oreo has sought out ten emerging artists from around the world to see what happens when you put such a venerable brand into the hands of artists known for boundary pushing.

The theme is ‘Play’ and each artist was give some Oreo-type words such as ‘Dunk’ or ‘Twist’ or aspirational ones like ‘Dream’ and ‘Wonder.’ The pieces of art make their debut this week across the US, including New York, LA and Indianapolis. This one’s from Craig + Karl.

Impeccable stuff, brainy but friendly. MAA creative scale: 8

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