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Jason Goodman picks his Desert Island Products

2828569808Jason Goodman is the founder and CEO of Albion in London, now part of MDC’s KBS Group. Albion has built its reputation in part on its work with start-up companies, working for them and sharing space and resources. It describes itself as a “creative business partner,” inventing and reinventing businesses through, among other things, user experience (UX) design. So we asked product expert Jason what he would take with him to his desert island.


Desert Island Products

“You’re stuck on a desert island. What products must you have?”

This calls for a bit of artistic licence. A practical list of shovel, flare, tin of beans, Bear Gryll’s phone number, and foil-lined heat blanket won’t necessarily fit this brief.

So take a walk with me and picture the scene: it’s more ‘Jamaica’ than Vozrozhdeniya, there is wifi, and much like The Complete Works Of Shakespeare on Desert Island Discs, having unlimited battery power is assumed. Also I’ve decided that when the boat went down my lovely wife & kids were all with me and we all made it ashore.

So, what would I want?

Firstly, I need to entertain the kids. After building a mad home in the trees I’d pull out a box of Kano so we can build our own computer and put some of the free time we have to learn to code. Kano was one of last years Kickstarter sensations and they’ve shipped 750,000 kits all around the world. It’s designed for a low tech, connected desert island environment and my kids love it.


I want good wind and a windsurfer. Its something I’ve not mastered in all these years and now is the time.

I’ve got to have my Apple fix too. I still haven’t worked out how to say no to the allure. Along with being able to watch the new House of Cards series I can also change the island’s energy tariff with Snapt Energy.


You don’t want to become a lard ass on the beach so I’d have Myfitnesspal. With social metrics and data visualisation it is a lovely solution for fighting the fat. More interaction means more reward, means more loyalty by users. It’s the 21st Century PT in your pocket.


Skype is up next. I can’t give up on it yet. We worked with Skype when they were still in beta, helping them to grow to over half a billion users and it has been amazing to be part of their journey over the years.

Perfect for avoiding nasty international call charges from my island, I’ll be able to keep in contact with my mum and dad and avoid an awkward castaway moment on my return.

A few months ago I’d have said I wanted my Kindle. Thousands of books at my fingertips, sun setting over the palm trees, coconut in hand. But I’m rapidly moving over to audiobooks and podcasts – so maybe I can do without another bit of hardware.

I’d love the idea of having a big machete but I’m such a klutz I’m bound to hurt myself or someone else on the island so let’s leave that.

I’ve assumed my little slice of paradise has fresh running water, but should this not be the case I’d want a WarkaWater2. Developed to combat the lack of water in villages in Africa, it produces drinking water from air molecules. Currently in prototype, the structure is purposefully uncomplicated to build and provides over 100 litres of water a day.


Finally, should I tire of the sunshine, or get fed up with sand being in everything, I’d have CityMapper ready to go. Three clicks and I’ve got the shortest route home. And that’s top of my list whereever I am.

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