Isn’t it time Audi gave one of these TV plums to BBH?

VW’s upscale Audi brand is being is being as aggressive as you’d expect in its marketing, given that it has to compete with a growing number of ‘executive’ car brands including, these days, India’s Jaguar Land Rover.

So we recently had Thjnk Berlin’s ‘Service’ epic and now up pops Venables Bell in the US with a spin on the topical subject of drones, those menacing things in the sky that we naively thought were just designed to take pops at alleged terrorists.

But when’s the UK’s own dear BBH going to get a crack at another big TV campaign? It seems ages since we had one from the agency that’s been handling Audi in the UK almost since it started in 1982.

Is Audi in the UK going the way BMW went in its longstanding relationship with WCRS in the UK (it moved last year to FCB Inferno)? Placing the plum projects elsewhere?

It seems a wasted opportunity – for both parties.

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