BBH challenges the future for Dulux with ‘colour rebels’

Last year Dulux and agency BBH invited us to ‘Change Your Story’ with an ad, ‘Prohibition,’ supposing a grey 1940s-ish world where colour was banned until someone or other introduced pots of coloured paints.

At which point relationships blossomed (and houses looked better).

Now the campaign’s back with another one, ‘Colour Rebels,’ depicting a colourless ‘utopian’ future (or shouldn’t that be ‘dystopian?’) in which Calum and Frieda are unwittingly brought together as he discovers the banned activities of the colour rebels, who triumph in the end of course.

And there are all sorts of clever interactive things here.

BBH creative directors Martha Riley and Nick Allsop say: “Living in the modern world can feel like you’re being brainwashed with visions of clean, minimal perfection, from the smartphones in our hands to the new-build apartments painted ‘estate agent white’. If we give in to this accepted wisdom, we’re signing up to an emotionless future.

“Colour is powerful, an act of individual rebellion against a cold, blank existence. (Director) Daniel Wolfe is Britain’s most exciting and dangerous young film-maker and he’s the perfect choice to turn these truths into a thought-provoking sci-fi epic with scale and emotional truth.”


But it’s proper advertising with a big (big!) idea and excellent execution from Wolfe and friends. MAA creative scale: 8.

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