BBH adds Nick the Navy Seal to Virgin menagerie

Virgin Media has been treating us to various animals in its current campaign from BBH – Ed the Sofa Bear and Ally the Night Owl among others – and here’s the latest, Nick the Navy Seal. Navy Seals are quaintly-named US special forces.

Nick is an undercover gamer, when he’s not being a parent…oh, you’d better watch it.

Actually this one’s probably the best of the bunch because there’s more animal and less terms and conditions crammed into 40 seconds. Although Ed is funnier.

BBH sometimes seems to be on a one agency crusade in the UK for proper campaigns – as opposed to one-off ads. This one is developing nicely although I’m hardly a Virgin fan. My bill seems to rise by mysterious amounts even though I haven’t ordered any more.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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