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AA predicts ad boom with 70,000 new jobs

The so-called creative industries are said to be worth £70bn to the UK economy (shouldn’t everyone get a rebate from HMRC?) and now the Advertising Association is predicting that there will be 70,000 new advertising jobs created over the next five years, double the rate of increase in the rest of the UK economy.

This will bring total numbers employed to a rather mind-boggling 434,000. Over half (39,370) of these new roles will be in production, creation and in-house positions; 17 per cent (12,172) will come from media and a further 27 per cent (18,994) from across the “advertising supply chain.” The AA also forecasts that ad expenditure will grow by 17 per cent in the five years from 2014 to 2019.

Tim LefroyAA CEO Tim Lefroy (left) says:“Across the digital economy, the creative industries and beyond, investment in advertising is creating high quality UK jobs for everyone from actors to analysts.

“All the major (political) parties are switching on to the massive potential in the UK’s creative industries, and advertising is right at the heart of it.

“Not only are we the second largest creative industry in our own right, but we’re a source of billions in revenues to fuel creative output in television, radio, publishing and more.”

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