WPP sets out to sort EU public sector communications

It’s an ill wind…the EU may be going to hell in a handcart but communications giant WPP is riding to the rescue.

WPP’s Government & Public Sector Practice is launching a ‘dedicated client team’ for EU institutions, public bodies and the like. Most of us thought these had run out of money but WPP clearly thinks otherwise.

The WPP team (no bespoke name so far) says it will “drive excellence in communications and research for European Union institutional clients. The team will give EU clients access to the best of WPP agencies’ talent and thinking on citizen engagement, policy communications and behaviour change.”

SONY DSCThe EU team will be led by Laure Van Hauwaert (left), formerly institutional communications director at Ogilvy Brussels. She says: “There has never been more need for better communication with citizens and stakeholders. Like businesses and brands, the public sector is faced with major communication challenges. To regain trust, institutions should promote transparency and show that they are listening and responding to the needs of European citizens.”

Michelle Harrison, CEO of WPP’s Government & Public Sector Practice, says: “Policies only deliver results for citizens with effective communication. This new team – under Laure’s proven leadership – will give the European Union’s policymakers and communicators access to the best in the business in an integrated team. It is part of our continued commitment to drive excellence in public sector communications worldwide.”

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