Read us – not the ‘stupid’ Sun – says the Mirror in new Quiet Storm campaign

It’s good to see the Mirror (Daily Mirror as was) carrying the fight to arch enemy the Sun, which it’s doing with this rather intelligent campaign from Quiet Storm.

‘Don’t Say Stupid – read the intelligent tabloid’ is likely to rile the Sun-ites extremely.

It’s amazing in some ways that the Mirror is still with us after decades of broadsides from its better-funded rival. The last time it took on the Sun big time was a decade or so ago when some crazed management consultant persuaded it to enter a price-cutting campaign. The Mirror did well to survive that unequal contest.

Will this particular message strike home with the declining number of newspaper readers (although the Mirror is doing OK on mobiles and tablets)? Depends how much they can spend on it. But that was always the newspaper game in the UK, alas.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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