Kinetic ups the stakes in adland’s turf wars with roll-out of in-house offer Active in Germany

618WPP’s giant Out of Home agency Kinetic Worldwide is launching its Kinetic Active division in Germany. Kinetic Active is a full-service creative and production shop which says it wants to “raise the creative bar of out-of-home marketing.” It launched earlier this year in the US, UK, India, China and Southeast Asia.

Kinetic Active, under director Steffen Ansorge, will offer in-house support including creative services, production, digital, experiential and special builds plus mobile activation and social engagement.

Kinetic CEO, Germany & Central Europe Thorsten Ebbing says: “We would like to entertain and inform people. Our aim is to continually discover new ways to use media and technology to connect consumers with our clients’ brands – focusing on creating engaging and meaningful user experiences.”

Such experiences cover a fairly broad remit, not just posters or other forms of OOH. There’s a ferocious turf war going on in adland over who does what, with media agencies offering creative, creative agencies trying to take over media planning and production agencies offering everything.

The latest battleground seems to be, as instanced above, in-house units.

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