Burnett adds essential pizazz to Honda’s new HR-V

The Honda HR-V used to be a boring old cut-down people mover but there’s a new one now (why does Honda take so long to replace models?) and Leo Burnett Australia has risen to the task of making it interesting rather manfully (well what else do you expect from Oz?).

Honda calls it a ‘hybrid supercar’ which is a bit immodest.

Very Good. MAA creative scale: 6.5 (think they need to re-synch the dog).

One Comment

  1. What a silly ad, waste of money! They should have shown all the features of the Honda HRV like a quick demo with “city active brake”, electric handbrake, key less entry, a sped-up demo of the unbelievable seat configuration, 7″ screen, LED running lights, concealed rear door handles etc etc. With the current ad people are left wondering “what the hell was that about!??”

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