McDonald’s tries a new spin on ‘love’ to revive brand

McDonald’s has hired Leo Burnett as its main Us agency in another attempt to arrest its seemingly remorseless decline and Leo B has clearly put its thinking cap on – producing an interesting effort called ‘Arch Enemies,’ ie enemies of the ‘Three Arches’ presumably.

Defining yourself by saying what you’re not is an old tactic, which the agency pulls off here to some effect – with more than a nod to ‘Dumb Ways To Die,’ the big Cannes winner of two years ago.

The trouble is that, when these huge companies try to change, they always want to keep rather too much of the old. Like Tesco with its stubborn adherence to ‘Every Little Helps.’

So in all this, instead of dropping longstanding line ‘I’m Lovin’ It,’ McD is trying to develop it with the somewhat inappropriate ‘Love Is Endless.’ Well it might be, but what’s that got to do with McDonald’s?

Millenials and their younger siblings never did love McDonald’s – they want more ‘authentic’ products, less plastic and more distressed sofas and wi-fi.

All of which might well be a step too far for McDonald’s.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, McDonald’s UK does with this. Burnett has handled McD in the UK for decades now, sticking firmly to its low key, slice of life approach, adding ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ with a weary sigh right at the end. Heaven help them if they’ve got to make lurve the hero of the ads.

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