Mark Craze appoints himself to top OOH industry job

618Last October trade body the Outdoor Media Centre appointed former Havas Media UK boss Mark Craze (left) to carry out a ‘strategic review’ following the departure of CEO Mike Baker.

Craze has mulled things over and the main consequence is the appointment of a new OMC chairman – Mark Craze.

Well, if the solution’s under your nose, why look any further?

Craze says: “The out of home industry is at the most exciting point in its history and I have been massively impressed with the commitment and energy of all the contractors supporting the OMC. On the back of huge investment, new technology and improved audience insights, out of home has enjoyed spectacular success over the last ten years, and is now passing the billion pound mark in ad revenue.

“Our ambition is to unleash the full innovative potential of OOH and work even more harmoniously with advertisers, agencies and the Specialists. Our single minded goal is to further drive growth and enhance our position as the most innovative, engaging and influential form of advertising.”

Actually it’s not quite as rosy as this. Out of Home may indeed be set to hurdle the £1bn revenue barrier in the UK, but there’s a fair amount of muttering in the ranks. The industry’s much-vaunted new research, Route, is still having teething problems and the world’s biggest OOH company, JC Decaux, recently quit the OMC, for reasons which are, as yet, unclear. Maybe one of Craze’s jobs will be to sweet talk them back in.

Craze, who is also a shareholder in OOH operator Outdoor Plus, is known for a certain abrasive management style. He made his mark as a youthful CEO of Carat in the UK when that agency was celebrated for its take-no-prisoners modus operandi.

As such he hardly matches the profile of most trade body leaders. But that may be no bad thing if OOH is to make its case more effectively against rival media like TV and online.


  1. Mark Craze didn’t appoint himself. There was a proper search for both new roles at the OMC. In any case, Mark is an excellent choice and will get to grips with the challenges these trade roles invariably have with his customary vigour.

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