BBH kick starts Weetabix with new Weetabuddies

BBH is into inventing characters at the moment, with a couch bear for Virgin Media and Gordon the Boar for Gordon’s Gin.

Now there’s a barrage of short films for Weetabix, with a cast of Weetabuddies, featuring (in the one below) Sir Pippin and Tropi-Colin. Highly topical it is too with its theme of ‘Dry January,’ when one’s friends manifest an annoying combo of misery and bolt-on virtue as they try to give up the sauce in the calendar’s most miserable month – surely shome mistake.

Quite old-fashioned in its way, animating the product in a food ad as opposed to showing, say, a father taking his son to football or one of the other cliches de nos jours. But none the worse for that and it’ll probably sell quite a lot of Weetabix.

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