Yoann Lemoine’s ‘Jewels’ for Black Atlass shows awards potential of the DIY approach to film-making

Off to content land now with a new music vid, ‘Jewels,’ by director Yoann Lemoine (who’s also a musician) for Black Atlass (who’s really musician Alex Fleming). It features Polish model Anja Rubik, who seems like a game gal.

BLACK ATLASS – JEWELS from Yoann Lemoine on Vimeo.

Lemoine says: “For this piece, I worked in a completely different way than I’m used to. I went back to my first love of being a director and CGI artist, and worked in post production on my own for eight months to digitally create every single shot of the video with a very limited budget.

“I used a DIY 3D scan system that rebuilds models from multiple still images, and what we call camera mapping, and played with this material on my computer. All of the camera, light, and texture movements were animated at home and on the road, as I was touring, far long after the 3D shoot of the real actors in February.”

A lot of work then. But Lemoine may well get his reward over the next awards season.

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