AMV/BBDO scores winning try for Guinness

More heroics from the rugby field, we’ve already had Dove Men+Care rewriting Kipling’s ‘If’ for the forthcoming autumn internationals and now it’s Guinness with four films highlighting outstanding individuals and teams. Namely Jonny Wilkinson, Shane Williams (two little guys who confounded the big ones), the late Bill McLaren, commentator, and the 1978 Munster team who beat the supposedly invincible New Zealand All Blacks.

‘Made of More’ indeed. They’re all here.

Brilliantly done by agency AMV/BBDO and directors Dan Maslen and John X Carey (Shane Williams).

Mind you, rugby’s not all nobility. England are playing the All Blacks on Saturday and the ref will give the Blacks a dodgy penalty in the last few minutes and they’ll win again. Grrr.

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