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Adobe predicts a bigger, more mobile Christmas

You can see why retailers start their Christmas campaigns early.

The latest online shopping prediction from Adobe estimates that prices in the UK fall by ten per cent in November, 15 per cent in December and 25 per cent just before Christmas.

So keep your nerve, ignore the ads and leave it to the last minute.

Adobe says the first spike in UK online Christmas shopping will come on November 25 with a projected spend of £208m, a 51 per cent increase on an average day’s online sales. The peak Christmas shopping day is predicted to be December 1 (so-called Cyber-Monday) with a spend of £281m.

Unknown21 per cent of UK online sales occur in the run-up to Christmas with mobiles (smartphones and tablets) accounting for a quarter. Mobile Christmas buying is higher in Europe, especially Scandinavia (maybe they’re snowed in).

Anyway, it’s all interesting stuff. The full report, with European and US data, is here.

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