W+K Tokyo launches first Facebook campaign in Japan

To Japan where Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo is launching the first campaign for Facebook.

The theme of the campaign is ‘You Are Someone’s Friend’ and it’s running on video, outdoor and online. The outdoor includes Tokyo’s terrifying-sounding Shibuya Crossing (below) where, it seems, 3000 or so people cross the road when the lights change. Yikes.

Wieden+Kennedy creative director Adam Koppel says: “We all have friends but we don’t stop and think about what it really means to be a friend. It’s a big deal, it really is. We wanted to create a campaign that surprised people with its intimacy but also broke the fourth wall and made people really think about their friends. If someone sees this campaign and tells their friend, ‘I saw this ad and it made me think of you,’ then we’ve done something really great.”

Which seems fair enough.

It’s easy to forget that, for all the talk of Zuckerberg’s billions, privacy, unwanted invasive ads and tax, hundreds of millions of people enjoy Facebook and find it useful – not me, alas (hope Adscam’s George Parker doesn’t read this).

And W+K Tokyo seems to capture that here.


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