Revealed: the prank behind Forsman & Bodenfors’ new YouTube winner for Volvo trucks

The valet parking abilities of staff at top hotels and restaurants (and casinos obviously) is a wonder.

It’s not one I’ve experienced much (preferring to travel by bus) although I did once drive into the car park of one of Arnie’s restaurants in LA.

When we pulled up a great looming shadow appeared. Uh Oh, we’re about to be mugged I thought. But it was a very large gentleman saving us the trouble of walking 20 yards to the restaurant door.

Anyway, Forsman & Bodenfors’ new ad ‘The Casino’ for Volvo’s FH truck featured a real valet, one Ambrogio Adani of the Casino Sanremo,, who apparently had no idea someone was going to leave a bloody great truck to be parked.

Take a bow Ambrogio.

And here’s the ad.

2.3m YouTube hits already. Wonderful stuff.

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