M&C Saatchi offers up a fairer NatWest

Telly ads are dying aren’t they? So it seems a bit strange that, all of a sudden, the UK’s big companies are uncorking their wallets and spending lots on the box.

Maybe they just don’t understand online programmatic media buying.

So here’s another (we’ve had three so far today, consult home page), this time for Royal Bank of Scotland owned NatWest from M&C Saatchi.

And, for once, it’s got a good offer. ‘Old’ bank customers will get the same deals as new recruits, righting yet another scandalous banking industry wrong. Whether or not these deals are worth having, you’ll have to work out for yourself.

From M&C Saatchi, which gets to the point as usual. They call it ‘brutal simplicity of thought.’ I think you need a bit more these days, like charm and humour (bright smiley faces don’t count). But it does the (quite important) job.

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