Alpha Century makes a new-style ‘Brief Encounter’ for the gadget generation

It is, as we often remind you, a funny old world. One of the funny/peculiar things about it is the way gadgets seems to have taken over our lives and that’s the centrepiece of this new ‘Brief Encounter’ Christmas campaign by Alpha Century for Toshiba’s new Satellite Radius 11 ‘convertible’ laptop.

Alpha Century co-founder Barnaby Girling says: “With increasing need for creative content that can be quickly deployed through the line, we were tasked to produce a film that grasped both the adaptability of Toshiba’s new product and the attention of a hard to reach millennial audience who want the maximum benefit for the time, effort and investment they put in.

“Slightly longer and more narrative than traditional TV spots, which often pass the online audience by, this ‘brief encounter’ is an example of how we are helping clients to think and act more like broadcasters and publishers.”

Laptops as pulling tools. There’s no hope for me.

A generation or so Dave Trott wrote ‘Hello Tosh Gotta Toshiba.” But time moves on…

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